From Dreamer To Doer: 3 Tips To Unlock Your Potential

Everyone has a great idea inside them — that dream or passion project you simply can’t stop thinking about. But when it comes to executing that great idea, even the best would-be companies and inventions can die on the vine because you simply don’t know how to make your dream a reality. Even large companies can face this kind of challenge. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it!

Whether you’re already working with a company or you’re an individual trying to make it with a big dream and a passion, here are the three key tips for turning your ideas into reality — a.k.a. going from a dreamer to a doer.

1. Become Obsessed With Your Vision

As a dreamer, you likely have so many ideas swirling around your head at all times. In order to become a doer, you’ll have to get specific about the dreams you’re going to focus all of your time and attention on. These specific dreams will become your vision!

Don’t just spend a few hours a day or week thinking about your vision, though. Become obsessed with it! Make it your pastime, your hobby, Tinker with it night and day so that you are thoroughly familiar with it. This doesn’t mean spending 24/7 in your office, though; in fact, spending time with your vision can be an exercise in creativity! The more you think about your big idea and have fun with it, the more it will stick with you (and you, in turn, with it).

As you begin to take little steps toward your desired outcome, always keep your vision close to your chest, and make sure you never forget your “why.”

2. If You Can’t Find a Way, Make a Way

In some situations, the dream that you’re trying to make a reality simply hasn’t been done before. Perhaps there are even people in your life telling you that your idea will never work and that you shouldn’t try. But don’t worry – stick with it! Remember, nothing is truly a failure if you learned a lesson from it, so don’t be afraid to persist. You don’t want to stop short of the proverbial finish line when you’re only a few steps away.

When dreamers look for a way to make their goals happen but can’t find it, they often give up. Doers, on the other hand, will simply make their own way and forge a brand new path for others to follow. You have to be willing to go outside of the norm, sometimes, and that’s okay.

3. Believe in Your Potential

The other fun benefit of not seeing failures as, well, failures — but opportunities? You become way more confident. When you realize that failure isn’t an option, and start to fully have faith in yourself, you’ll feel unstoppable. And remember to celebrate all the little victories along the way. Even if they feel small or inconsequential, they’re actually unlocking your next level of potential.

Remember, this isn’t “blind faith.” You have every reason to believe in your ideas and abilities! Once you realize that, you might just notice your mindset starts to shift in an exciting way.

At the end of the day, no one path to success looks the same. And even then, everyone’s “success” may look different, too. But the only way to achieve success is to actually take steps toward it. While every step may not be what you planned or how you planned it, every avenue is a learning and growing opportunity. What big idea do you want to make a reality? What is your first step to becoming a “doer” not just a “dreamer?”