Idea Factory

Idea factory

With a passion for helping make people, places and things of significance the best they are capable of being, the Idea Factory was born. M. Jayson Meyer’s Idea Factory is hand-crafted as a haven to attract, house and employ bright, creative people, bringing them together to cross-pollinate with ideas to produce new outcomes.

Developing An Environment Where The Word “Impossible” Doesn’t Exist

The genesis for the Idea Factory concept stemmed from the desire to build the type of business that would defy boundaries and go against the odds. Today, the Idea Factory is a fertile ground for innovation, serving as a place for dreams to become a reality.

“It’s funny to me how people say you can’t put creativity in a box. Because if you don’t put it in a box, you won’t do anything with it. It dies on the vine.”

– M. Jayson Meyer

Systematic Methods For Taking Creative Ideas and Turning Them Into Outcomes

An Idea Incubator In the Industries of…

  • Tech
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Real Estate

Success Stories:

  • Synergy Billing
  • The Fountainhead
  • Work Smart Suite
  • Blue Collar Banking