Entrepreneurial Leadership

Enabling people, places, and things of significance to be the best they are capable of being

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live

Transformational Leadership

With a proven record of success, Jayson “finds a way or makes a way” to optimize business outcomes. He inspires an environment where the word “impossible” doesn’t exist. Equipped to guide your business to maximum performance metrics, Jayson offers 20 years of broad spectrum expertise to help companies kickstart or revamp their ventures into multidimensional successes.

Idea Factory

Inspiring other thinkers, Jayson fosters new and continuous improvement strategies for business processes and technology. His Idea Factory, The Fountainhead, leverages local talent and attracts other bright minds to collaborate creating a future of astounding potential making people, places and things of significance the best are capable of becoming!

Expert Communicator

Engaging. Dynamic. Thought-provoking. Insightful. With 2 decades of entrepreneurship and business leadership honed during his successful career, Jayson shares first hand insights and knowledge to fellow thinkers, dreamers and doers all over the country. His speaking engagements provide a focused light to a variety of business and leadership topics. All engagement proceeds go to a charity of his choosing.

Business Developer

An exceptional brand layers credibility on top of superlative results. With Jayson’s adroit building skills, your desired outcomes will evolve from ideas into practical reality. Unparalleled experience coupled with matchless drive at the forefront of every pursuit, Jayson nurtures unfettered dreams and helps you construct a reputable, successful brand, product or service from inception to realization.

Never let yourself feel too comfortable. To stay motivated, remain “hungry.”


Spark passion.
Encourage curiosity.
Start the conversation.

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