Jayson’s Story

Jayson is the consummate entrepreneur, dating back to high school days when he formed his first business in the rough-and-tumble computer and software industry…

Jayson is the consummate entrepreneur, dating back to high school days when he formed his first business in the rough-and-tumble computer and software industry. At the ripe age of 14, he was recognized as an early teenage whiz-kid on Oprah, 60 Minutes and other national and regional media. Later, Synergy Billing was cited as Inc. Magazine’s 762nd fastest growing company among its “Inc. 5,000 Companies.” His company has been lauded among the GrowFL and the Economic Gardening Institute top fifty companies to watch. Synergy Billing also earned First Place honors in the Brighthouse Regional Business Awards program.  Today Synergy Billing, an acknowledged and innovative leader in revenue cycle management, credentialing and education for Federal Qualified Health Centers around the country. He employs more than 100 people with a steadily growing workforce. Synergy Billing recently celebrated the first anniversary of the company’s move to its new headquarters at The Fountainhead in Holly Hill, a Google-inspired corporate campus that he conceived and is developing in collaboration with city and county officials. Additionally, Jayson is highly engaged in the community, serving on various boards of directors and volunteering. Finally, as a dedicated family man, Jayson and his wife Misty are busy raising their five young sons.

Jayson’s accomplishments over the past twelve months are as impressive in size as they are in the face of historic challenges he – and everyone – has faced. While he could have put his development plans on hold, he pressed on in his quest to create a model corporate campus for his company and other like-minded business professionals. In doing so, he generated a partnership with city and county officials to create The Fountainhead. It is currently wrapping up the first phase of development, having become the headquarters for Synergy Billing and its workforce of more than 100 people. Consequently, he has transformed a blighted and abandoned middle school site to a vibrant environment full of promise. In addition to hosting his own company and several compatible businesses, plans also call for  a community health center, daycare center, fitness center and dining facilities. As the developer of The Fountainhead, he has dramatically enhanced the economic development appeal of the City of Holly Hill. Jayson has guided this project through the myriad challenges typical of development, and he has deftly maintained a rapid pace of progress through the historic COVID-19 pandemic. By doing this, he was able to maintain service to his clients and keep his workforce on the job. Since his clients provide their communities with vital health care services, he has remained committed to serving them without interruption during this global health care crisis.

During the past 12 months Jayson has been a catalyst for business and development by creating his corporate campus, The Fountainhead, where he has relocated his workforce of more than 100 people to the new corporate headquarters.  He has been active in partnership with Stetson University‘s entrepreneurship program and is a founder of Innovate Daytona, which is a vital resource for entrepreneurs. In an effort to show there is nothing wrong with failing, he has advanced the Fail Forward Movement to help entrepreneurs learn to overcome challenges. Jayson has accepted speaking engagements to share his expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs and served as a judge in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University‘s student competition. Because of his belief of ensuring youth have character building programs, he serves on the board of the regional YMCA. He also encourages his employees to volunteer at a local food pantry as well as other charity activities during business hours – with pay. In a time when many companies are eliminating jobs, Jayson is actively recruiting workers and offering career-building training through his Synergy Career Academy. Jayson is working to expand facilities at The Fountainhead, setting the table for relocation of other businesses to the campus and thus generating new jobs for the community. He has worked in collaboration with CareerSource in providing training and job opportunities for the long-term unemployed.

Jayson is quick to say his greatest accomplishment is his family. He has a wonderful wife and five highly active sons. He enjoys doing things with them – cooking on weekends, playing volleyball and attending their sports games (before the pandemic). Recently his oldest son started to workout with him. And he takes each one on an annual “Birthday Trip” to spend one-on-one time with them, building lasting memories with each trip. Aside from his commitment to family, Jayson is a community volunteer. His efforts, along with those of his employees, earned his company Business-of-the-Month honors from Food Brings Hope, a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to providing collaborative solutions for families with children who experience hardships due to homelessness, poverty, or unfamiliarity with community resources – there are more than 2000 homeless children attending schools in Volusia County.