I Am Jayson Meyer

I wrote this on November 18, 2002 as a prelude to the man I wanted to become. I am still striving towards it but it holds true…

I wrote this on November 18, 2002 as a prelude to the man I wanted to become. I am still striving towards it but it holds true.

November 18, 2002
As I make the transition into my twenties I have been thinking a great deal about the man I want to become. What Jayson Meyer stands for? Not what I am or who I am to others but the core jayson principles and beliefs that compose me:
I am completely secure in who I am. I don’t live for others and I have nobody to impress. I don’t put on a fake smile or alter the truth. I don’t exaggerate I tell it the way it is but I can be compassionate and diplomatic in doing so if it is a sensitive issue.
I don’t lie. Everything is done with integrity. If I give a man my word it is my bond. I don’t intentionally mislead people.
I am aggressive in business. I put the survival and happiness of myself and my family before anything else.
I am tough but fair. I am respected not because I demand it but because I have built a reputation of being fair and honest.
Fame is not important to me I know who I am and I have people that love me already. I do not need strangers to like me.
I realize I can’t please everyone and I don’t try. I simply do what I know to be true and right.
Many people may not like me, I don’t let this bother me. My family is VERY important to me and I will do anything within reason for them. I always put them first.
I don’t feel guilt unless I have broken my word. I am never afraid to admit that I am wrong. I try not to be.
I think carefully before I speak and never say too much. This is one of my key traits. I listen to what people say and am patient. I have little tolerance for liars and conmen. I offer my opinion when it is
asked. I don’t volunteer my opinion and never force my views on others unless it is an issue relating to my business. I don’t preach to others my beliefs.
I am a man of faith – both in a God and in myself. I am strong in mind and body. I am also strong willed, if I believe in something I will achieve it. I realize the value and importance of hard work. I
always work hard.
I believe in being proactive not reactive.
I believe in constantly improving myself and increasing my knowledge. I try to learn about anything that interests me. I pay attention to detail and remember important things/events.
I believe in acts of kindness towards others. I don’t believe in sacrifice for people other than family. I do not require recognition or appreciation from many people. I believe in achievement.
I do not believe that money is the root of all evil. I believe in rewards for hard work. I believe in fulfilling obligations. I do not practice shady or dishonest business practices. I believe in earning what I have and not accepting charity from others.
I don’t believe in using people in life. Material things do not make me the person that I am and I do not need them in my life to be happy. I do believe in having nice things but I work hard and earn them. I do everything to the best of my ability and demand the same from people I associate with. I don’t expose myself to people or situations that may hurt me or compromise who I am. I am very choosy about my friends but will do anything within reason for a good friend.
In business I realize that it is highly competitive. I always strive to be number one and demand my people to do the same. I am an aggressive business man. Some people are intimidated by me, they
shouldn’t be. I’m only focused on profits and innovation. If I enter into a contract or give a man my word it is as solid as oak. I don’t worship money I respect and appreciate it. I appreciate all the things I earn.
I control my business and run a tight ship. I don’t overly depend on people in my business and have enough knowledge to carryout any task within any of my companies. I strive to understand every
aspect of my operations and scrutinize every dollar that comes in and goes out. If I am not number one in an industry I shoot for that as my goal. I have made a lot of money but it hasn’t changed me. I
control the money not the other way around. I am always humble.
I am serious when necessary but know how to have a good time. I believe in thinking things through.
I am a man of the world. I can be in the country working on a farm or in the city at a business meeting and I am still in my comfort level. I have come to realize that I shape the world, not the other way
around. I am a man who was born to LIVE. I am Jayson Meyer.