You Are Possible

What radiates, permeates, penetrates and infiltrates our hearts, minds, and consciousness?

Allow myself to introduce, myself… to the psychology of success and abundance. Are you worthy to dream the big dreams? Are you worthy of abundant wealth?

You see, I believe in YOU. I am here to tell YOU that YOU are worthy to dream the big dreams. In fact, I’ll be disappointed if your dreams are not so MASSIVE and AMBITIOUS that once you achieve them your draw drops and your mind is blown. ?

Now… close your eyes.

See yourself, your awesomeness. Picture the moment in the not too distant future when your jaw is open. You feel a sensation in your body. You can’t explain it. It is pride, it is overwhelming. You tear up with the thought that you took an idea from your mind and converted it into the most beautiful reality you could picture. And
now… it is real. And you made it real. Now open your eyes, how do you feel?

The human mind can ACHIEVE anything it can CONCEIVE. I want to be “wow’d” I want YOU to be “wow’d”.

Now… close your eyes, again.

See yourself, your awesomeness. Picture for a moment your bank account. Every day it is going UP and money is rolling in at a rapid pace. You have experienced this before. You know the feeling, the sensation. You feel comfortable, confident, and proud.

Now open your eyes, how do you feel? Say to yourself out loud “I am worthy. I used the POWER of my mind and converted it into MASSIVE achievement and WEALTH. I didn’t do it alone but I am worthy.”

Now… close your eyes, again.

Think about your heart beat… You didn’t do anything to earn that heart but it works for you beating 100,000 times each day. WOW. Now think about your life. Think about your amazing health and vitality that people would trade every penny in their bank account for. WOW. Think about your ability to connect with people at
a deep level and what a gift that has been for you. Think about your journey and all the wisdom you have gained. Think about Misty and how blessed you are to have her as your partner stewarding five amazing boys. And those boys… how blessed are you that you have five amazing boys that worship you. Your cup is so full you should never have to feel sad or alone. You should never be in a suffering state.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you.

It is designed to deceive you. You cannot feel anger and love at the same moment. If you are  constantly cultivating love and gratitude those will be your dominant thoughts. As new thoughts enter they will be reflected off of the feelings of love and gratitude.