J-OS Operating System Upgrade

During the summer of 2017 I received a system-wide upgrade! This upgrade included an expansion of memory along with processing power to accommodate the new operating system. Since the last
release there were a series of patches and updates which created disk fragmentation. As a result, the system experienced unnecessary resource utilization which limited multi-tasking and the ability to run
certain programming. This much anticipated upgrade was actually released earlier than expected and so far has exceeded user expectations.

-Release Notes-
New J-OS resolves a number of fatal system flaws. Most notably system freezing, excessive processor utilization for rudimentary tasks, and faulty code resulting in system crashes and data corruption.

In addition to much cleaner code and better utilization of system resources, the new J-OS includes a number of feature enhancements. Most notably, this version allows interfacing and integration with
other user operating systems. This exciting new feature allows the user to harness the processing he power of other users from previously incompatible operating environments.

Productivity: This release includes an enhancement to the J-OS Focus Factor®. This J-OS Focus Factor® helps complete tasks faster and allows for the starting and stopping of multiple tasks, simultaneously.
Visualization: NEW in this version, the user can create in vivid detail anything formed by imagination.
Project Management: New processing capabilities allow multi-threading which prevents the system from crashing before the end of a project.
Problem Solving: J-OS Focus Factor® facilitates the input and resolution of any problem! By using the subconscious-processor J-OS can tap into the Universal Mind Data Network allowing unlimited problem solving.
User Experience: J-OS is now designed completely around the user. Users don’t have to fear the unknown and can have confidence that J-OS can help them navigate any scenario.
GPS: A new GPS feature allows you to identify goals and break down achievement into key action steps.
Communication: New communication features facilitate clarity and understanding for the achievement of goals.
Power Management: Better utilization of system resources results in less power consumption. This prevents overheating and allows additional processing.
Compatibility: NEW API that allows interfacing to all major platforms creating Data Harmony® between all systems