Fountainhead Center for Innovation & Research

We make things better. We make the things better that can have the most significant impact on the world. We choose what to make better based on our values, our compass.

In a time and place not that far in the future…

Welcome to the Fountainhead Center for Research & Innovation. At our 100,000 square foot research center we employ a number of engineers and research scientists from a variety of fields. We are
dreamers, we are believers, we are achievers. We are the people who make the impossible, possible.

We don’t take “no” for an answer. We believe and embrace that whatever man (or woman’s) mind can conceive, it can achieve. We break through barriers and we see the unseen. We are a united team
focused on making things better. We decide together what those things will be. We give tribute to Thomas Edison and Niccola Tesla, we hope we do you proud.

Health & Biology
Cancer, cellular degeneration, cellular regeneration, DNA architecture, DNA replication, DNA sequencing, Genetic mapping.

Energy storage, energy conversion, energy transfer, perpetual motion motor, static energy motor, synthetic gasoline that runs in any vehicle, wireless energy transfer

Miracle Metal, the strongest and cheapest metal on earth

Technology & Politics
Sound frequency disruption, the ability to interpret and neutralize multiple sound frequencies

Hurricane neutralization, humidity conversion into irrigation,
Augmented Reality
The co-working space of the future, gamifying work with VR