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Lessons for the Boys

Decide the man you want to be and what you stand for. Each of you have my blood flowing through you. I would do anything to help you on your journey in life but I cannot tell you what kind of man you should be. You and you alone can decide the caliber of man you choose to be. Paint your own picture of the man you wish to be now or in the future. Describe the traits, values, and characteristics you exhibit. Then, read the statement periodically. You will be amazed at how this helps you to create  your ideal image.

Live for something or die for nothing. Each of you must learn and develop your definite chief aim in life. Also known as “mission” “purpose” or “primary goal”, you must choose the reason that you wake each day. You must use your judgment to determine how you will invest your time, efforts, and energies and towards what desired purpose.

Always ask why. You must be curious. Do not accept things at face value. Remain polite and listen but always investigate so that you have a better understanding. Asking “why” can help you learn why people behave certain ways and how ideas evolve into reality.

Memorize this statement: “if I can dream it I can achieve it.” You must learn and embrace that you are only limited by your own mind and its imagination. “Without vision, the people shall perish.” Do not let the people perish. Explore your creativity and imagination and always be thinking of better ways.

Be proactive. Chance favors the prepared mind. Make sure you are not relying on blind faith but you have laid the groundwork to ensure success. Always go the extra step to make sure you are doing the
best job possible.

Remain Disciplined. Whatever chief aim you decide upon it will not happen on its own. You must be disciplined and determined. Remember Dad’s 3 D’s: Discipline, Desire, and Determination. These are the foundation to any great achievement.

Start at the End. Work backwards by visualizing what you want to achieve or accomplish. Once you can see it clearly then begin chunking it into achievable goals and milestones. No matter what you set out to do, big or small, always ask yourself what would be the very best possible outcome. Never limit your imagination with limitations of capital, time, or people. Imagine there were no limitations then
dream the best possible outcome.

ADPIE. Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement, Evaluate. A simple method to problem solving. The first step is always identify what the problem truly is. Clearly identifying the problem and then clearly
identifying what success would look like are key.

What success looks like. No matter what you do have a clear picture of what doing it well looks like. This could be clearly identify a goal or desired outcome. If you don’t know when you will be successful
in an initiative or goal then you have set yourself up for failure.

Stay true. Never negate your responsibilities or pass the buck. A real man always owns his stuff and holds himself to a higher standard than anyone else would.

Your Dad