We are what we think we are

The way we “appear” physically tells a story. Our physical bodies are outward expressions of our state of mind. We reflect outwardly what we think internally. The way we take care of our physical bodies is a direct manifestation of the value we attribute towards ourselves. Those that take great care in their physical appearance demonstrate the value they put on “self”. It also tells you a story about a person. Specifically, ego, pride, and confidence levels. In business, knowing one’s audience allows us to direct our physical appearance to our audience to facilitate our goals or accomplish our intended mission. Whether we think about it consciously or not the physical body can not be separated from the mind.


You Chose This Path

If being the best were easy everyone would be great and there would be no maximum to achievement. Everything in this world has a cost. Whether it be time, energy, money, or emotional commitment. If you choose to climb and rise to the highest levels you must be prepared to pay a steep price. I intend to climb to the highest levels providing for the fact that my family climbs with me. I understand that success can be a lonely road. Remember success breeds enemies and can turn friends into foes.

Remember that behind every failure is an even greater success. All failure is only temporary. Remember to always appreciate things and people. Money never buys class or tact. You can never be bigger than your money. Only a fool let’s their money define them.

You chose the hardest route possible. You fumbled your way along and finally started to figure things out about 12 years into it. Why do you always have to make things hard on yourself? How can you be so brilliant yet miss things that are right under your nose? Perhaps you are too absorbed in yourself? Try not to be.

Remember that every day you must do something to bring you closer toward your goals. The path you have chosen there are no holidays. Remain patient but seek knowledge and understanding every day to help drive you closer.


Style plus Substance

I desire to create a reputation of excellence. One of style plus substance.
When people think of me they will think of someone who always does their best, achieves their goals, and wins. When my name is mentioned they will associate success.
When they hear my name they will think of a business mastermind and a visionary leader.
The “Midas” touch. Not because of magic but because of hard work and perseverance.
My reputation of being fair and honest will proceed me. The things, people, and deals that I recommend, endorse, and support will succeed.
My name will carry weight and power. It May open doors and close them. People will associate me with sound judgment and good decision making.
My track record will make these things possible yet I will always remain humble. No matter what I may create or achieve I remain only a man…I will do what is right in each moment and remain true to me.