The Meyer School for Business & Entrepreneurship

I have a vision that one day in the near future I shall help to start a school dedicated towards developing the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. In conjunction with this school I will also start a business incubator which helps to facilitate the growth of startup companies. Initially, entrepreneurs will apply to the incubator and pitch their business and business plan to me and my associates. If accepted into my program, I will help to teach them, train them, mentor them and develop their ideas. IN the early stages of the school it will start as workshops and seminars to help develop these entrepreneurs. As the program demonstrates success I will continue investing in the educational components possibly merging the Fountainhead Career Academy with the school and using the billing academy as a foundation.

As components of this vision I anticipate training and developing employees from within my own company so that they may evolve and grow.

The primary objective is to help teach and train other entrepreneurs so their ideas can flourish and grow. By applying the right  combination of mentorship, capital, and strategic planning we will
cultivate innovations, economic development, and the leaders of tomorrow. By maintaining an equity position in each incubated company we have a synergistic relationship where everyone benefits from success.

It is my intention that this grows and diversifies my own personal holdings along with bringing economic growth to the Daytona Beach area.

As this idea transitions from concept to reality it will require a great deal of real estate. I intend to own the real estate for each project and ideally create a city within a city that fosters innovation and helps to attract and retain the most brilliant minds in the country.